People, the first
pet owner panel designed for animal health issues


Get the opinions of targeted pet owners with the best value for money

Today, the questions at hand are no longer limited to veterinarians, and more and more frequently involve pet owners. Based on this observation, we have created PEOPLE to enable you to ask questions to current or potential users of your products.
PEOPLE is the first pet owner panel designed specifically for animal health questions. This access panel allows you to reach the most basic targets, such as dog or cat owners, as well as more specific targets, such as owners of dogs with osteoarthritis, owners of cats with renal problems, owners of dogs and cats with cardiac insufficiency, etc.
In addition, as always, we strive to give you the best possible value for money.

How does it work?

Today, PEOPLE is operational in 5 European countries : France, the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.

If you wish to ask our panel members questions 

  • Send us:
    1. the profile of the individuals you would like to ask
    2. the topics you wish to address
    3. the number of interviews
    4. the target geographical area
  • We advise you on how to phrase the questions and provide you with a budget and delivery times
  • Once the fieldwork has been completed (2 to 3 weeks) we provide you with a report in the form of graphs

  • You wish to ask ten questions to one hundred pet owners in France, the United Kingdom and Germany, who have both a dog and a cat.

    Delivery time: 2 weeks 
    Price: please contact us 

  • You wish to ask twenty questions to thirty pet owners in the United Kingdom who are having their cat treated for renal problems

    Delivery time: 2 weeks 
    Price: please contact us 

  • You wish to ask thirty questions to five hundred owners in France, the United Kingdom and Germany who are having their pet treated against fleas.

    Delivery time: 3 weeks 
    Price: please contact us 

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